Weather Alerts for Northern Horry Co

Issued by the National Weather Service

       River Flood Warning      

River Flood Warning  RIVER FLOOD WARNING   River Flood Warning

Areas Affected:
Dillon - Horry - Marion
Effective: Tue, 1/21 8:01pm Updated: Wed, 1/22 3:50am Urgency: Expected
Expires: Thu, 1/23 1:00pm Severity:  Moderate  Certainty: Likely

...The Flood Warning has been extended for the following rivers...
Lumber Near Lumberton affecting Robeson County NC
Little Pee Dee At Galivants Ferry affecting Dillon...Horry and Marion Counties
Great Pee Dee At Pee Dee affecting Marion and Florence Counties SC
...Flood Warning now in effect until Thursday afternoon...
The Flood Warning continues for
The Little Pee Dee At Galivants Ferry.
* until Thursday afternoon.
* At  7:00 PM Tuesday the stage was 9.02 feet.
* Flood stage is 9.0 feet.
* Forecast...The river will continue to fall and get below flood stage by early
Thursday morning.
* Impact...At 9.0 feet...Flood waters will begin to affect residential yards in
the Fork Retch community upstream of Galivants Ferry near the town of Nichols.
Swampland flooding becomes noticeable and natural boat landings will be

People with interests along the river should take the necessary precautions to
protect life and property from the flood waters.
Additional information is available on our website at under the
"Rivers and Lakes" link.

Coastal Flood Advisory  COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY   Coastal Flood Advisory

Areas Affected:
Coastal Georgetown - Coastal Horry
Effective: Wed, 1/22 4:00am Updated: Wed, 1/22 3:50am Urgency: Expected
Expires: Wed, 1/22 8:00am Severity: Minor Certainty: Likely

* WHAT...Up to one foot of inundation above ground level
expected in low-lying areas near shorelines and tidal
* WHERE...In South Carolina, Coastal Horry and Coastal
Georgetown. In North Carolina, Coastal Pender, Coastal New
Hanover and Coastal Brunswick.
* WHEN...Until 8 AM EST this morning.
* IMPACTS...Soundside flooding in Garden City Beach with water on
Atlantic and Cypress avenues. Storm water drains back up and
flood Pine Avenue. Minor street flooding occurs on the sound-
side of Carolina Beach, along Canal Drive from Starfish Lane
northward. Water will flood into yards along the sound.
Time of high total tides are approximate to the nearest hour.
Springmaid Pier at Myrtle Beach - Flood Stage 7.5 FT
MLLW Categories - Minor 7.5 ft, Moderate 8.5 ft, Major 10.5 ft
MHHW Categories - Minor 1.9 ft, Moderate 2.9 ft, Major 4.9 ft
Total      Total    Departure
Day/Time    Tide       Tide     from Norm   Waves    Flood
ft MLLW    ft MHHW       ft       ft      Impact
--------  ---------  ---------  ---------  -------  --------
22/05 AM     7.0        1.4        1.4        3       None
22/06 PM     6.0        0.4        1.6        2       None
23/06 AM     6.7        1.1        1.1       2-3      None
23/07 PM     5.6        0.0        1.1        2       None
24/07 AM     6.8        1.2        1.2        2       None
24/07 PM     5.6        0.0        1.1       2-3      None
Mercer Pier at Wrightsville Beach - Flood Stage 6.0 FT
MLLW Categories - Minor 6.0 ft, Moderate 8.0 ft, Major 10.0 ft
MHHW Categories - Minor 1.7 ft, Moderate 3.7 ft, Major 5.7 ft
Total      Total    Departure
Day/Time    Tide       Tide     from Norm   Waves    Flood
ft MLLW    ft MHHW       ft       ft      Impact
--------  ---------  ---------  ---------  -------  --------
22/05 AM     5.9        1.6        1.5       3-4      None
22/06 PM     5.1        0.8        1.8        3       None
23/06 AM     5.8        1.5        1.3       2-3      None
23/06 PM     4.4        0.1        1.1        3       None
24/07 AM     5.7        1.4        1.2        3       None
24/07 PM     4.6        0.3        1.2        3       None

If travel is required, allow extra time as some roads may be
closed. Do not drive around barricades or through water of
unknown depth. Take the necessary actions to protect flood-prone